• Featured Product

    Featured Product

    Max reflective leashes and collars by Cycle Dog!

    Max reflective leashes and collars from Cycle Dog are reflective and double as bottle openers! They are sustainable and eco-friendly, made with recycled bike tires and upcycled materials. They are anti-bacterial, waterproof, smell proof, and tough!

    Made in USA

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  • January Featured Furry Tails

    January Featured Furry Tails

    Say hello to Zylie, Mako, and Paris! These siblings come in every week with their Mom to pick up their Corrina’s Corner Raw Food order and Dehydrated Rabbit Ears (which they are obsessed with!). They are the sweetest souls and we just love them!

Welcome to Furry Tails Pet Shop!

Our Furry Tails, Reece & Rocky

We opened Furry Tails Pet Shop for one very simple reason: WE LOVE PETS!

In Sandy Springs, we recognize a mutual appreciation for pets within the community and an unsurpassed loyalty to locally owned businesses. Because Sandy Springs loves its pets as much as we do, we saw the need to open our doors right in the heart of town, near the iconic king and queen towers.

Cats and dogs have always been an important part of our lives. That’s what makes getting to meet your beloved pets the best part of our job! We care deeply about our dogs, Reece and Rocky, and want nothing but the best for them. So we understand your love for your pets, too, and at Furry Tails Pet Shop, we can help you provide them with the very best life has to offer.

Come visit us soon,

Anna & Julian

Reece & Rocky's Tips

Our Furry Tails will provide you with tips, tricks, inspirational quotes, or other insights that will help you in providing the best possible lifestyle for your Furry Tails. If you want advice on how to take care of your pets, why not get it straight from the horse's dog's mouth?