Shop Local

Shop Local

We are very proud to carry and support Local Businesses. Check out a few of the local brands we carry:

Corrina's Corner

Locally sourced, processed, and hand-packaged raw food for dogs and cats.


Employs and empowers homeless and low-­income individuals through weaving beautiful, one­-of-­a-­kind products out of recycled materials. Awesome, two-­sided bandanas, woven treat bags, unique, reflective leashes made out of donated Delta vests, and pet’s mats with beautiful, strong fabric inside and out. Machine washable, too!

Amber Blandford

A local artist, Amber designs and produces art rooted in nature, joy, and spirituality. Her greeting cards are bright with inspiring images making them a great gift for anybody.

Claire Christin

Local artist with a unique, cute, and funny style. There is so much personality in Claire’s art, it makes a very special gift for everyone.

Low Low Knows Bones

Organic, handmade dog treats. Very simple selection with incredible taste! Your pup won’t resist temptation!